W. Ann St., Henry St., John St., and Lee Street Road Maintenance

The Town of Winchester has approved a road maintenance contract with Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC. The project is for the subdivision identified as the Winchester Hill Top Plat and will affect property owners living on west Ann, Henry, John, and Lee Streets.

The project consists of several different treatments including crack filling, spray patching, flex patching, leveling, and finally chip sealing. Initial work is beginning mid-May, weather permitting, and should have little impact on property owners. After the minor maintenance treatments are complete, chip sealing will be scheduled, likely in early June. A few days prior to chip sealing, Fahrner will distribute notices to property owners with information about the treatment and possible inconveniences resulting from the scheduled work, along with contact information for questions and inquiries.

While the road work may impose a short-term inconvenience, we are confident that the resulting maintenance will improve the road conditions significantly. We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout the process.

Thank You!